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Savings in the administration of capital funds

The administration of a capital fund involves many administrative processes for the adequate valuation, registration and control of invested companies , which implies having a large part of the information always updated and available to generate reports for investors, co-investors, trustees and authorities. .


With the Fundasystem platform (ERP) you save a lot of time and money for the administration of these processes since they are generated in an automated and managed way.


Maintaining management reports on the operation and investments in the fund is an essential task today for fund administrators, which is why with Fundasystem you will be able to automatically generate, personalize and send your reports at the frequency you wish and as quickly as possible. automatic.

Accountability for capital funds
Effective valuation of companies for capital funds.

We know how important the valuation of companies and projects is, that is why on the platform we have pre-loaded methodologies applied in the best practices for the valuation of companies . These methodologies are updated online with international market indicators such as multiples. , EVA, P/E , among other references of public companies in each industry.

Effectiveness in valuations

Much of the success of a fund is in the administration of promoted companies, which is why we provide tools for the administration and control of promoted companies , including a special section for due diligence of companies, with which you will always have control of the main management indicators in your promoted companies.

Control and management of indicators and investments for my capital fund
Investment Control
Streamlining administration for capital fund projects

It automates a large part of the administrative processes, such as the personalized sending of information (templates) and maintaining control of the information of your promoted companies (digital file), the information of your committees (investment and technical), as well as as well as the Deal Flow of your projects and promotes high efficiency in the time of the fund administrators.

Administrative Efficiency

With Fundasystem, in addition to carrying out efficient and controlled administrative and valuation processes, you also carry out the accounting of your fund automatically, managing your management fee, your operating expenses, your investments and disinvestments, in addition to being able to program a budget and compare it with your daily activity, all in a simplified way and adaptable to any accounting or financial methodology.

Comprehensive management of administrative processes for my capital fund
Comprehensive (ERP Capital Funds)
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