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Technological Solution

For the administration of capital funds
System Case
It is a comprehensive system that helps you manage a private equity fund , from prospecting to the divestment and accountability process.
It will allow you to have:
Savings and automated control for capital funds.

Less expenses

Our automated administration processes save you time, money and effort.

Flexible and efficient system for capital funds.

Greater efficiency

Easy and intuitive system, adjustable to different investment theses, adaptable to any type of fund and needs.

Regulations for the management of capital funds

Better practices

We adhere to sound private equity fund management practices that offer security to you and

to your investors.

Operations management system for equity funds.

Greater control

Generate, customize and send management reports on operations and investments with total control and automation.

Nuestro valor
Why Funda system ?
The most important challenge for capital fund managers is to attract more quality projects and manage them in an efficient way for their acceleration and growth.

Fundasystem is born from the experience of managing capital funds (seed, early & late) where through this practical, comprehensive and parameterizable tool, all processes are combined

prospecting, valuation, due diligence and financial administration of promoted companies.

Our scope
We have automated processes from prospecting to the exits of the invested portfolio , we use different modules adjustable to each investment thesis
which offer:


Based on capital commitments and estimates, flows, water fall and exit can be projected.


Simulations can be carried out to establish

a financial projection of the portfolio.


There is an administration module for committees

investment and technical.


We integrate a module for

regulatory, accounting and fiduciary compliance.


The platform adapts to different investment theses.


Can be filtered and customized

deal flow in order to make your investment process more productive.


Different valuation methodologies and industry benchmark analysis are loaded.


The progress of the portfolio companies can be monitored.

Modules at your Provision



Monitoring and operation reports for capital funds

• Budget Charts
• Operation Charts
• Request graphs
• Monitoring vs Budget
• Requests
• Quarterly Monitoring
• Monthly follow up
• Monitoring Report
• Summary Report

Application progress

Application processes for capital funds


• One Page
• Shareholders
• Data
• Qualitative Information
• Documents
• Financial data
• Financial plan

Fund Registration

Administration and registration of capital funds


• Background
• Administration
• Product
• Required documents
• Binding bodies
• Officials



Valuations, IRR and financial parameters for capital funds


• Valuations
• Wacc
• Financial projections
• Parametric



Register investors and clients for capital funds


• Investors
• Customers
• Requests
• Project summary
• Due Diligence
• Project Schedule
• KPI's



Capital Fund Budget Operation


• Budget
• Capital calls
• Investments
• Bills
• Commissions
• Disinvestment



Committee registrations and calendars for capital funds


• Committee registration
• Committee Calendar
• Minutes folder
• Registration of minutes
• Committee Minutes Formats

Accounting and Treasury

Digital accounting, reporting and treasury for capital funds

• Balance report
• Auxiliary registration
• Policy automation
• Ed. of result
• Reports and financial ratios
• Tax Administration
• Depreciation report
• Electronic accounting




More than 40% of the time that a General Partner invests has to do with administrative processes on the capital fund , such processes are important for:

Provide transparency to LP's of investments

Measure the profitability of the promoted companies

Properly valuing each invested enterprise

Report to authorities and co-investors

Manage the deal flow of projects

Simplify due diligence processes

Among other things...


Sanas Prácticas

We take care of the healthy practices

We follow healthy practices
investment in venture capital.
Private equity found management.
General principles for the administration of a private equity fund based on best international practices.
ILPA Private Equity Principles.
General principles for investors, based on the alignment of interest, governance and transparency.
Manual of good practices for private equity funds.
Principles of corporate governance and administration of private equity funds.
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amexcap tranparente.png
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